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uPVC Sash Windows

uPVC Sash WindowsuPVC sash windows  are perfect if you are replacing your old sash windows. Modern uPVC sash windows have the elegance of yesterday’s wooden sash windows


Today’s  uPVC sash windows have the  benefits of uPVC sliding sash frames , double glazing and sprung counter balance sashes (no more sticking windows). This has obvious benefits over the old iron and lead sash weights on a waxed cord, which were prone to breaking. New uPVC sash windows carry all the same architectural features Inc all the brass ironmongery of old wooden sash windows.


Features of uPVC sash windows are low maintenance, you'll never have to paint them, now with K glass and storm proof seals, mean you'll you can turn your heating down, and never experience drafty windows, rattles or jams again.


uPVC sash windows have one feature that your old windows will not have: a tilt feature. This feature allows you to clean your windows from the inside.


Many original Victorian sash windows have come to the end of their life and home owners are now looking to replace these with new, so why not consider double glazed uPVC sash windows, You may require a double glazed door or two to complement your new windows see what doors match your uPVC sash windows.


uPVC Sash Windows

uPVC Sash Windows Installation

Installation is not a problem as the old sash windows and box sash's are easy removed and the new double glazed uPVC sash windows are installed quickly and efficiently, with the minimum of inconvenience Originally timber sash windows were used in houses from around the late 1700 - 1950. The sash window design was pleasing and the application was very practical as it allows for good ventilation and easy access for cleaning the outside of the windows. The owner could open the bottom part of the window and by literally sitting out onto the concrete sill they were able to clean the outside windows should a window cleaner not be affordable.


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