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Double Glazing Sussex


Double glazing is today’s answer to lower fuel bills and energy efficient homes in Sussex, why? Energy efficient double glazing will retain the heat in your home and prevent it from escaping through poor fitting double glazed windows and doors, which is just wasting your money.


Double glazing prices

If you are thinking about replacing your existing windows and doors with uPVC double glazing and doors and have a limited budget why not take advantage from our free service in providing you with 3 quotations from certified Sussex double glazing companies getting you the lowest possible prices for quality double glazing in Sussex.

All you need do is just fill in our easy enquiry form in the box above giving us a few detail,s we will give you a very quick call to discuss your requirements and get you your quotations saving you the trouble of finding suitable companies local Sussex contractors.


Double glazing investment

Year on year our fuel bills rise and will keep rising as we now buy in from other countries gas and oil at very high rates. We have seen over the last year an enormous increase of enquiries for solar panels (free electricity and hot water) as peoplele are investing to save money. The same goes for energy efficient double glazing see the thermal image opposite you can see the hot spots where heat is being lost windows and doors. 


Your investment in double glazing will repay for the replacement windows and uPVC doors very quickly, thereafter you will enjoy that extra money in your pocket and not the utilities .In fact double glazing will give you a better return on your investment than any Sussex high street bank, building society or ISA.


Double glazing security

With central and local government cutbacks there will be less police on the streets in Sussex which will lead to an increase in crime, modern double glazed windows and doors are fitted with multipoint locking systems and toughened glass meeting with home insurance requirements, so don’t be another statistic of burglary, ensure your home is secure with double glazed windows and doors from now on.


Double glazing costs

Understandably most people have a limit on what they can afford to spend on replacement double glazing and doors, to help keep the cost down we suggest that you keep the window design moderate with the minimum amount of opening sections and no coloured or lead work although this can look very attractive it’s very labour intensive therefore expensive, not only that it don’t keep you warm in the winter.