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Window Security: How Confident Are You With Your Windows?


Home security is of utmost importance  for a lot of homeowners. It is where a person lives with their family and it is also where they keep valuable items and properties. This is why it should always be secured 24/7, 365 days a year. Despite that, there are still homeowners who become victims of intruders and burglars who manage to get inside their homes and do their worst.


According to police statistics, around 30% of burglars gain access inside a home using the window. If you think your own windows are old and broken, then you might want to consider having new windows. What you can do first is to check whether your windows really are secure. Here's a short list to go through.


1. Check all window locks in your home. This includes the ground floor windows, windows near the roof, drain pipes, and fanlights. These can be accessed by burglars to enter your home.


2. If you have skylights in your home, secure them with locks.


3. Your window frames must be free from rust, rot, or loose handles and hinges. Moreover, make sure they are strong and durable.


4. With regards to your window glass, it’s a better option to use double glazed units since it is stronger than regular glass.


5. Look for British Standard Kite-Marks for house window security BS 7950, BS 644 (PAS 011) for timber windows, and BS 7412 (PAS 011) for uPVC windows. These are tests to measure your whole system on locking, hinges, latches and more.


6. Inspect the condition of existing key operated window locks since some might already be broken. There are insurance companies that offer discounts to homeowners with home windows with locks.


uPVC Double Glazed Windows for Your Home


If you feel the need for replacing your old windows, there are many available options for you to try and one of them is double glazed windows. Modern uPVC windows are fitted with various locks and bolts during manufacturing to ensure its proper instalment.


Apart from that, modern uPVC windows feature internal beading to make it tougher. An opportunist thief would literally have to smash the glass of your window to get inside your home. This will cause noise and help alert homeowners and neighbours of burglary.


At the end of the day, having enough confidence in your windows, whether they are sash, bay and bow, and even traditional casement windows, will give you a peace of mind and something less to think about regarding your home’s security in the years to come.

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