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Window of the Day: Bay Windows

According to Wikipedia, a bay window is a type of window which is protruding or projecting off the main wall and forms a bay in the room. These windows were commonly seen during the reign of Queen Victoria from 1837 –1901 and thus had Victorian architectural features. Now, they are a part of many residential homes with homeowners who want to have enough natural light entering their homes.



Having bay windows installed in your home can make a room look larger and give you a view of the outdoors. It usually has a floor to ceiling height but when they are off the ground, they are called oriel windows. But before this article drifts off to another window type, here is some basic information about bay windows.


Common Features


Bay window is the general term for windows which are protruding off the wall. These types of windows are typically square or polygonal in shape. The angles usually used for the inside corners of the three window glass panes of a bay window are 90, 135, and 150 degrees. The window starts from the floor to a few inches near the ceiling. Bay windows which have a flat front and angled sides are called canted bay windows.


Its difference with a Bow Window


The basic difference of a bow and bay window is on the number of panels it has. Usually, bay windows have a maximum of three facets, two of which are slanted while the middle facet is parallel to the wall. On the other hand, bow windows have three or more facets and create a more rounded shape.


Advantages of a Bay Window


A bay window is a great option to choose if you are looking for a window that will allow a large amount of sunlight to enter a room. This is also suitable for homes with a beautiful garden just beyond one of the walls of your home. Another advantage of having a bay window is the illusion of a bigger space that it creates.


Modern Windows


Modern bay windows, like many other windows, are usually made up of materials such as uPVC and are incorporated with double glazing. These are used to make the windows energy efficient and durable. Also, it can help soundproof noise from outside noise.


Bay windows are just one of the many styles you can have for your own home. If you are wondering how much building one could probably cost you, contact us today for a free double glazed window quote.

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