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Why Reading the Fine Print Saves You Money


There are many kinds of contracts. There are some contracts for sales of properties, agreements, and including contracts between a company and an individual. This will also include uPVC double glazing companies handing our contracts to their customers expecting it to be read to the last word, especially the fine print.


In an online forum, a very unhappy customer shared his experience with a ‘national’ double glazing company that maybe catching people out. As stated in the report, the sales person told the customers that “by now you have 14 days to cancel.” But the fine print on that clause said that the double glazing contract should be cancelled before 7 days or else they will pay 25% of the contracted price.


According to this article, they could not identify the involved parities because of lack of audience.


Although as a homeowner, your sympathies may be one with the customer, the company may be acting correctly on this situation. The Sale of Goods Act said that purchases are covered by a seven day cooling off period. However under the Consumer Credit Act 1974, it is 14 days if a credit agreement in made.


That is just one example of an unfortunate event concerning double glazing contract cancellations. Before signing a contract, make sure that you read every clause in it. If you do not understand something or are confused, do not hesitate to ask your double glazing company. Doing these measures will help you prevent headaches and paying more for something which you were not satisfied at all.


Whether you want to cancel your contract and want to get your money back, have an item replaced or repaired,  changed your mind about your order, or if there is a problem with it, make sure you read corresponding rules as early as possible to know what to do next.


When it comes to your double glazing products, you should make sure that you check your products. Make sure that they are in perfect condition and that all parts are complete and working efficiently. Cancelling your contract with your chosen double glazing company has a proper procedure to take effect. You just have to make sure that time is an essence when it comes to cancelling your contract.

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