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Why Double Glazed Windows Affect Energy Efficiency

Windows were once simply holes in the wall of many ancient houses.  During those times, the weather and general climate of the world was probably friendlier as compared to what we have today.  Windows were now dressed with glass and can be opened and closed at a person’s will.  Not only does it provide privacy but it also makes a home a lot safer.



Now, windows are completely different from before.  The development of windows were once in the hands of people who build houses but now companies can manufacture readymade windows for homes, buildings, and commercial establishments.  And as climate of the world changes, the need for windows’ improved performance was heightened.  This is what double glazed windows are for.


In the name of energy efficiency and reduced carbon emissions, the government initiated its largest green scheme last 1 October called the Green Deal.  With the simple fact that double glazed windows were included in this government’s initiative means that these windows really have great benefits to offer for people to have that your home energy efficiency.


So how do double glazed windows affect energy efficiency?


In order to understand how double glazed windows can improve energy efficiency, you first have to understand how it is built and how each part affect heat insulation.  Let’s first talk about the frames of double glazed window.  Typically, window manufacturers prefer to use uPVC as the material of their double glazed window frames.


uPVC is a lot cheaper to manufacture than aluminium and wooden frames and they offer more benefits to the user.  They’re long lasting, durable, and its colour does not fade even after a number of years.  Moreover, the security it offers is top-notch.


Now let’s get on to the glass pane of the window.  There are two glass panes used in a single double glazed window.  These glass panes have the air in between them, a gas such as argon or another inert gas, that improves heat insulation.  The glass panes and the air are sealed in by the uPVC frame.  With this kind of mechanism, heat transfer will be difficult because of the air between the glass panes.


Energy efficient home through double glazed windows


Double glazed windows present its own set of benefits.  You can expect the temperature of your home to be a lot stable because the double glazed windows can keep heat inside your house during the cold seasons and prevent heat coming from the sun from entering into your house during the summer seasons.


Because of this, you do not need to have your air conditioning unit or central heating system to work hard every day trying to maintain the comfortable and suitable temperature.


Reduced use of your air conditioning unit can help you decrease your energy and electricity bills in significant.  Energy efficiency and huge amounts of savings is possible with double glazed windows.

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