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Top 5 Reasons Why You Should Choose Double Glazed Windows



There are mainly two kinds of glazed windows, the single glazing and the double glazing, but what makes double glazing much better than the other?  Single glazed windows are made up of single piece of glass, which used to be the only option of homeowners for years. But as threats of global warming started to arise, we knew then that we need to find ways to reduce it and single glazed windows were not the answer. A single pane of glass was not enough to keep the cold out and retain the heat; therefore we need to have another alternative.


On the other hand, double glazed windows are made up of two panes of glass with a small gap in-between, which serves as an insulator and barrier. According to the building regulations, double glazed windows are a more efficient solution in reducing global warming because of its capacity to reduce heat loss. Aside from that, here are further reasons why we should choose double glazed windows for our home.






It is undoubtedly hard for a trespasser or a burglar to break into your home by a simple way of breaking a window glass and getting through the hole. Real security has more to do with the locking systems and the window frames than with the glass itself. When buying a window, let us choose one with frames that can be tightly locked from the inside.


Energy Conservation



As we said earlier, double glazed windows can reduce heat loss by as much as 50% and at the same time reducing your heating bills, keeping our house warmer, and helping you in the conservation of natural resources. It is much likely far more comfy when we are sitting in a large room with double glazed window on a cold winter.


Type of Glass



When buying a double glazed window for your home, choose a glass with energy coatings –the Pilkington K and the low E among them. You can also add extra insulating properties to your double glazing. Don’t worry because the benefits are certainly worth the additional cost.


Style and Design



Double glazed windows are available in the market with various styles and designs. Most of us would prefer to buy a window that has the latest trendy design. In purchasing a double glazing, it is best recommended to choose a double glazed window that goes with our home interior and design.





Double glazed windows have primarily 3 types of frames –the uPVC, aluminium, and wood. Each of this has its own advantages and disadvantages. However, the best known for energy conservation are the uPVC frames. Wooden frames are the most eye-catching according to surveys while the aluminium frames are the sturdy ones.


So now you have the top 5 reasons why you should choose double glazed windows at home. Get a quote and a perfect double glazing installed in your home now!


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