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Things You Should Know in Maintaining Your Windows


Windows in your house are designed to bring fresh air and sunshine inside, that’s why you have to give them proper maintenance. Taking care of your windows will help you preserve its look and value, and can reduce your energy costs.


If you want to learn how to maintain your windows, here are a few things that are easy to follow and this may serve as your guide in giving proper maintenance to your windows.



Clean your windows.


Cleaning your windows is known to be the most basic off all maintenance procedures. However, there are some aspects to be considered before doing so, such as the type of your window and the product to be used in cleaning it.



For windows with aluminum and vinyl frames, it is best to clean them by using a soft brush and a mild detergent. On the other hand, use a damp cloth to wipe out dirt from wooden windows. It is not advisable to use water for it may result to rotting the wood frame. For the window’s glass, use a glass cleaner. Also, do not forget to clean the casement and the surrounding wall area so as to prevent the build-up of dirt and debris in your window components.



Notice the formation of moisture in your windows.


Examine each of your windows or frames for any signs of condensation and moisture. Basically, moisture and condensation are caused by the changes of weather. The presence of moisture is an indicator which tells that your window seal already needs a replacement.



So how do you prevent the formation of moisture? In damp or rainy weather conditions, keep your windows closed to avoid moisture from entering your home. Regularly cleaning your windows can also prevent it.



Have your windows professionally inspected.



You can hire a window installation or home repair expert to check your windows for you. He can be of big help by explaining to you some signs of damage that need maintenance. The home repair expert will also point out certain window areas, which you have to look after. He will also give you some advice on how you can maintain your windows properly. This is a big help in your part because there are times that you overlook some parts of your window that needs to be cleaned or maintained often.


Therefore, it is important to check and clean your windows more often so as to prevent any damages and moisture formation. And if you find any severe damage such as cracked glass or rotting frame, then you need a professional repairman’s help either in fixing or replacing your windows.

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