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The UK Green Deal Explained (Video)

The Green Deal already started since 1October but what do the people really understand about it? Much news has circulated around the country that the Green Deal won’t actually do any good. There are even news reports saying that its implementation might cause the death of the insulation industry here in the UK.


Double glazed windows, wall and cavity insulation, heating systems, and solar panels; those are just some of the free energy efficiency upgrades and technologies you can have installed in your home without any upfront costs through the Green Deal. It sounds too good to be true but the Government is very much willing to make it happen.


The UK has a lot of old and inefficient homes. A lot of sicknesses are related to poor heating and moreover, 60 per cent of electricity and energy costs are caused by poor heat insulation of the windows, doors, ceilings, and walls of home. To solve this, the Government conceptualized and implemented the Green Deal to revolutionise the way people improve the condition of their homes.


So to enlighten readers like you and other residents eager to know what the Green Deal is all about has made a special video explaining the basic way of how the Green Deal Works.


Watch their video here.


The video offers a simple explanation of everything a person interested in participating in the Green Deal needs to know. The video isn’t bad too.


The Green Deal isn’t in the implementing stage yet. You can expect the real work to be done sometime during the first few months of 2013. For the mean time, if you are really interested in the Green Deal, you can sign up to the Government so your home can be assessed properly. This is probably the first step you need to undertake.


Make sure to check the Green Deal Oversight and Regulation’s website for a list of approved Green Deal assessors, providers, and suppliers. This will prevent you from hiring dodgy companies.


As we have mentioned before, the Green Deal is not a compulsory scheme. This is simply an option for homeowners to choose from if money is an issue for getting their homes insulated. If you can afford to have double-glazing for your home even with the upfront costs, then go ahead and have them installed immediately. The returns on your investment are bound to come in the form of savings you pay from your energy bills.

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