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The 5 Basic Kinds of Windows for Replacements


All windows have the same purpose – to provide a way for natural light and air to enter your home or any other establishment. Despite their similar purpose, they can vary in looks and styles. If you are planning on replacing your home windows, then you should at least know the different types or styles or windows.


Although there are now a number of windows styles, here are the 5 basic window kinds from which most of them have originated from.


1.       Fixed Windows

A fixed window is basically has a sheet or sheets of glass sealed into the window opening. It cannot be opened, closed, or moved at all. A good thing to remember about this type of window is that it offers maximum weatherproofing since there are no openings or seams that allow cool or warm air from escaping your home. However, because these windows can never be opened or closed, you home will have to rely on artificial climate control.


2.       Sash Windows

Sash windows are the classic windows here in the UK and there are three kinds – the single, double hung, and horizontal sliding sash windows. These types of windows typically have two sashes that move depending on the type of sash window. These are great for period homes.


3.       Bay and Bow Windows

Bay and bow windows almost look to inexperienced eye however their difference comes from the way it curves and the number of panels. The bow window has more window panels and creates a smoother curve. These give you a bigger view of the outside of your home.


4.       Sliding Windows

Sliding windows operate through a sliding motion and not a push-pull motion. With track at the top and bottom of the window frame, you slide the windows to the left or right. These are very common types of windows and are inexpensive to have them made.


5.       Casement Windows

Casement windows can be easily recognized because of the way they open - through pushing the window outward. These types of windows are common among many modern homes and are inexpensive to install. They are hinged vertically so people can swing it in and out.


Now that you are aware of the basic types of windows, you can pick one for your replacements. Replace your single glazed windows with double glazed windows for better energy efficiency that translates to savings.

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