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Seal Your Home From The Cold With Double Glazing

Nobody wants to be left freezing inside their own home during the cold days of winter. Whether you are alone in your apartment or with your family, keeping the temperature warm and comfortable is crucial to enjoying this special holiday season.


Most of the houses here in the UK were built decades ago and one way for these homeowners to keep themselves warm is by wearing as much clothes as possible. Before, people constructed windows without the knowledge of how glass and the materials used to make it affects its capabilities as an efficient insulating material from the cold weather.


What Double Glazing Does

Homes usually lose 50% to 60% of heat through windows and doors. Old windows and doors can no longer sufficiently prevent cold draughts from coming into homes as it lets heat escape. uPVC double glazed windows are composed of two glass panes with an inert gas filled in between them. The glass panes and the gas inside, usually argon, cuts the heat loss of your home and your heating bills.


Replacing all your single-panel windows with double glazing can significantly reduce your heating requirements as it can stabilise a comfortable temperature in your home throughout the day. These kinds of windows are flexible enough to be made in any size and specifications you want. There are a wide range of options that can help you achieve the same look of your home or upgrade it.


Lock In The Warmth In Your Home

During the later months of the year, the temperate can quickly fall. Because of this, your energy consumption and bills will increase since you will require more heat to keep a comfortable temperate inside your home. Investing on double glazing for your home today can ultimately decrease your electricity bills and keep your home warm.


Although the costs of double glazing can be quite pricey at the start, it is an investment worth making. uPVC windows can eventually pay for itself through the energy saving your will make every month. Windows made with uPVC require little to no maintenance at all and are proven by the industry to be durable and tough against winds, UV rays, termites, rotting, and it has fire enduring properties.


Sealing your home from the cold draughts of the season is possible if you replace your old windows with double glazing. Not only does it increase the quality of your home, it also improves the look and value of your home.

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