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Replacement Windows: Upgrading from Single Glazed Windows


Single glazed windows are no longer capable of providing a home with enough protection throughout the winter season. They are outdated and could only cause you more expenses than savings. Nobody wants high energy bills and even hospital and medicine bills all because of poor home energy efficiency, right?



This Christmas, it might be a good idea to present yourself something that will benefit your whole family – upgrading your old single glazed windows with replacement double glazing. The best thing you can probably consider about double glazed windows is that they are energy efficient.


Energy efficiency can be measured in U-values. These are used to determine the amount of heat loss gained and lost – the lower the number, the better. Before, conventional glazed only required to have a U-value of around 5 but now, new regulations state that double glazed windows should at least have a U-value of equal to or less 1.6 W/m²K.


But you should note that U-value does not comprise the window’s whole energy efficiency. For that, the BFRC’s window energy rating (WER) system is used. This system uses G-values which apply to a window’s entire energy efficiency such as U-values, sustainability, and ventilation. All replacement windows must have a rating between A-G. A is the most energy efficient, while C is the minimum requirement of windows.


But great energy efficiency is not the only thing you can benefit from. With new replacement windows, you can reduce your energy bills and save money every month. Moreover, windows with the correct energy rating will ensure less carbon emissions yearly.


But replacing your old windows could be a challenge if you live in a listed building or a conservation area. These are places protected by the Government and having new double glazed windows installed could mean altering its original look. You need to ask for permission before any modifications can be done on your home. Planning permission is required.


Upgrading your windows with better energy efficiency is a great present for you and your family this Christmas season. Make sure to remember these few tips to help you find the perfect energy efficient windows for your home.


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