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Reduce Your Carbon Footprint Without Doing Anything


Today, the topic of sustainability has become one of the hottest things to consider due to the increasing need for many homeowners and businesses to reduce their carbon footprint and improve energy efficiency. Any person can reduce the amount of carbon dioxide they contribute to the environment by implanting changes in their lifestyle.



While using a bike instead of a car to go to work and other eco-friendly steps require a bit of work, there are a few ways that won’t need you to do anything, yet still effective at reducing your carbon footprint. has two ways you can try in order to lessen your home’s carbon footprint, whether you are away working at the office, or staying at home relaxing over the weekends. These are wise and practical solutions that will last for years.


Install double glazed uPVC windows


If you already have double glazed windows at your home, then that’s good for you. But if you haven’t considered this as an option to reducing your carbon dioxide emissions, then it might be a good idea to start finding out why many UK citizens have already installed them.


Double glazed windows are made with two glass panes with an inert air in between them to improve energy efficiency and reduce heat loss. The frame of the window is made from uPVC which is an environment-friendly material that can last for two decades without it warping, colour fading, rusting, and even weathering that tarnish its beautiful facade.


Installing double glazed windows will drastically improve your home’s insulation and therefore lower your home’s need for too much heating or air conditioning throughout the four different seasons. And because of that, you will have lower energy bills to pay every month and give you savings.


Replace old doors with uPVC doors


Another major contributor of heat loss in your home is your doors. If you have old doors that have been weathered down and have suffered years of daily wear and tear, then you might need to replace them with new uPVC doors.


As mentioned earlier, uPVC is a strong and durable material that prevents heat loss in your home. It does not require constant maintenance and can last for years without any damages. Just like the effect of double glazed windows, you will have lower bills and lesser use for your central heating systems because the doors can help maintain a comfortable temperature.


Installing double glazed windows around your home and replacing your old doors with uPVC doors can instantly reduce your carbon footprint. Although it may cost you a significant amount of money, they can be considered as a worthy investment. Plus, these methods won’t consume any of your time as you continue with your life. It’s an easy and fast way to create a positive impact on the environment for the future generation.

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