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PLL Training Seminar Might Get Your Business Ready for the Green Deal


There’s only 17 days to go before the launch of the government’s flagship green scheme , The Green Deal, and both companies and homeowners alike are getting ready for it. Whether you are a homeowner thinking of availing the Green Deal scheme or a double glazing company wanting to be a part of the Green Deal, there are benefits you can expect from it.


Homeowners, Get Ready for a New Home


Under the Green Deal Scheme, you have a chance to have new replacement double glazing windows, a new boiler, and even new insulation without any upfront costs. The costs of improving the overall energy efficiency of your home will be attached to a Green Deal Loan paid with the energy savings you will get from the newly fitted Green Deal measures.


This loan is attached to the property so you don’t have to worry about paying for a loan when you aren’t using the property. The Green Deal Loan will be paid from an additional charge stated in the electricity bill.


It’s Time to Grab Opportunities


While residents have the opportunity to have a better insulated home; companies, on the other hand, can take this as an opportunity to serve more customers. Providers, certified bodies, assessors, and installers need to be registered with the Green Deal if they want to participate. Registration could be done through the Green Deal ORB website. This website we be live on 1 October.


If your company would like to know more about the Green Deal, PPL Training’s website.

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