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Paying for Your Double Glazing: Cash or Credit Card?


One home improvement option that every UK homeowner should consider today is double glazing but because of its hefty price tag, many are left with the decision to either postpone the installation of new windows or forget about it all together. But think of your windows as an investment. And as an investment, you have to consider what paying option to choose – credit card or cash.



There have been many incidents in the past wherein people were scammed by dodgy double glazing salesmen who knocked on their door. Most of them handed cash deposits to these salesmen thinking that their initial upfront costs were safe and secure. Much to their dismay, the companies these salesmen represent either filed for bankruptcy or vanished into thin air.


To prevent this kind of situation, you must know your rights when it comes to paying for a home improvement service such as double glazed windows.


As a rule of thumb, never give money in advance for work that hasn’t been done. It is always better to pay once you have seen the work and have made changes or adjustments that you see fit. If a deposit is required, always ask whether or not they accept credit cards. This is a secure way of paying for services rather than giving cold cash because under the Consumer Credit Act 1974, credit companies are equally liable with double glazing companies for any breaches of contract. Surely credit card companies know which companies they should offer their services to.


Of course, the credit card does not have to be used for the whole service. It can only be used to put down a deposit and pay the rest through cash. The above Act also applies if the double glazing company organizes a finance agreement, but not if you decide to get a bank loan for yourself.


Apart from that, the Act will also shield you from misinterpretation. An example of such as situation is when the double glazing company makes a promise about its product or service that turns out to be false or untrue. Using a credit card for your deposit will also cover you in situations where in the job goes unfinished due to a double glazing company’s file for bankruptcy. You can go and claim the cost of finishing the project from the company’s credit card provider. However the contract must be more than £100 but less than £30,000.



The credit card act is a great defense against possible swindlers. It’s always better to use a card first as deposit and pay the rest of the fees in cash, gradually. This way, you have control over the money and work that is being done. We hope this short guide helps you decide on how to pay for your double glazing project.

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