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How to Properly Cancel Your Double Glazing Contract


Double glazing is a popular service here in the UK simply because of its big need among many residents. Because of this, its rise in popularity not only made it a lucrative business for double glazing companies, but it also became a way for salesmen to abuse it. Some of these salesmen will get you to sign a contract on their first visit even if you were really only interested in getting a quote.


If you find yourself in a situation where in you signed a double glazing contract and what to have it cancelled, then you should be prepared for it.


Your Rights as a Consumer


As a consumer, you have various rights concerning your contract. First, you must understand that once you sign a contract, you are legally bound to it. Despite that, the law makes ways for consumers like you to cancel your contract if needs be.


You can cancel your contract under certain conditions. The cancellation form should be available within the contract itself or else, it is not a valid contract. You should not sign this. If the product or service you required was not given in the exact way stated in the contract, if it is damaged, and if the service was not satisfactory, you can have it cancelled. You must make sure that you are still within the "cool off" period.


According to the new Consumer Credit Directive approved in 1 February 2011, consumers now have the ability to cancel a credit agreement within 14 days. It is known as the 'right of withdrawal.' There are however, still some situations that have the 7 day period such as if the contract was made at a distance – phone, Internet, mail-order.


If you want to cancel your contract with a double glazing company, fill out their cancellation form and send it to them within the 7 or 14 day cool-off period. Ask for legal help if you have a more serious situation at hand.


Some Tips and Advice


Contracts can be tricky and signing it without reading all of its contents could cause you trouble and hassle in the future. Make sure to read everything, including the fine print, when signing a uPVC double glazing contract. This will inform you of everything you need to know such as details of the products, when your projects will be finished, how it will be rendered and so on and so forth.


Don’t be pressured by salesmen. They need you more than you need them. Always make sure to get 3 or more quotes from other small or local companies. This is to help you find cheaper quotes and compare prices. Moreover, hire companies who are members of double glazing firms such as FENSA and the Glass and Glazing Federation.


When it comes to cancelling your contract with a double glazing company, time is of the essence. Read the contract well and ask for explanations if you do not understand something. Do this before signing a contract.

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