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How to Handle Double Glazing Installers


Today, it is no secret that there are a lot of double glazing companies that employ hard sell tactics during their cold calls and unwanted house visits. Some of them become even too pushy that causes the homeowner or the resident himself to get physical. Because of these pesky tactics that double glazing companies use, the rest of the companies are stereotyped which makes it difficult for some honest companies to show their sincerity.



What is the best thing to do when you encounter a double glazing installer or salesman with a bad attitude? Did he or she use dirty tactics to persuade you into signing a contract with them? Did you feel invaded when he or she entered your house? Or did the something else happen that might have even been a crime? Falsifying information to customers could have legal consequences and if they are not stopped, they could continue doing it to other innocent homeowners. So what do you do when you encounter a dodgy salesman at your doorstep?


The first thing you should probably do is to stay calm and take control of the situation. Many dodgy salesmen use intimidation and fear to get prospect customers to sign their contracts. Don’t give in to their tactics. Make them understand that you are in command of the situation. If your intuition towards a salesperson isn’t positive, you do not have to let them in your home. Simply tell them you are not interested in new double glazing at the moment.


But if you feel the sincerity of a salesperson, letting him in your home is a good idea of you have plans of actually buying double glazed windows. Ask for their credentials, brochures, and anything to prove their identity to you. If they are member of trading organization and are accredited by FENSA and the like, it’s a plus for them.


Refuse politely if possible. If the person seems easy to talk to, don’t be shy to refuse their offer. Double glazing can cost a person a lot of money and having them built without the proper means to do so will only cause you problems. Make the salesperson understand your situation and politely refuse their offer. Ask for a calling card instead if you decide to change your mind or if you are capable of purchasing new replacement windows for your home.


Call the authorities if you feel harassed. Believe it or not, some salesmen actually harass their customers just to make a sale. Get the person’s name and the company he or she is working. Report this to the company first. If they do not do anything to fix it, then you can call the authorities to have the matter settled. Double glazing organizations should handle this seriously.

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