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Green Deal Status, One Month After Official Launch


On the 28th of January 2013, the Government officially launched the Green Deal as an innovative and revolutionary way of reducing the country’s carbon emissions while at the same time lowing each home’s energy bills. The flagship energy efficiency scheme has technically been out for two months and it’s interesting to know who well it is doing. While there isn’t any news about it yet, there are updates coming from the supporters of the Green Deal about its performance during its first month of release.



Laura Sandys MP says that the Green Deal kicked off to a fantastic start. Just after one month, the number of assessor organisation certified to provide assessments have reached 77, there are now 40 Green Deal Providers who can arrange for plans, provide finance, and arrange installation, and 629 installer organisations accredited to install energy efficiency improvements.


In terms of financial support, the Government is supporting the Green Deal through the £125million Green Deal Cashback scheme. Pioneer places Initiative is also providing £10million to support the Green Deal in local authorities. £13million will also be given to 8 major cities in the country.


Apart from Sandys, Simon Wright MP also says that the Green Deal is progressing. After the first month of the launch, the Green Deal website is getting 10,000 hits per week. Moreover, before the launch, there were only fewer than one-in-five of the population heard about the Green Deal but after the launch, it doubled. The Government has decided to provide £3million for a comprehensive communication campaign to boost the trust and understanding of the public.


In general, the Green Deal is on a good start to achieving energy efficiency for the whole of UK and eliminating fuel poverty. If everything pushes through, there would be around 14 million homes installed with energy efficiency measures by 2020, 65,000 insulation and construction jobs by 2015, and energy savings for homeowners.


The Green Deal is offers various energy efficiency measures for both the commercial and non-commercial sector without any upfront costs such as double glazed windows, wall cavity insulation, and even renewable energy technologies.


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