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Get Free Double Glazed Windows with the Launch of Green Deal


Are you hoping for some new double glazed windows or doors, or even new insulated walls with the launch of the Green Deal last Monday? While it is possible to have these with no upfront costs at all, there is something you need to know about it.




What is the Green Deal?


The Green Deal is the government’s newest green scheme that allows residents to have new energy efficient home renovations such as double glazing, heating and boiler systems, solar panels, and cavity or solid wall insulation without any upfront costs. It works on the principle of the ‘Golden Rule’ – you are not suppose to pay more in loan repayments that your energy savings.  


1 October: Green Deal Launched


The Green Deal is already here so what do we do? First of all, you have to know that now you can have your home assessed by Green Deal assessors regarding the condition of your home. The Government has also allotted this period for companies, big and small, to get ready for the scheme. They should be able to prepare special deals for it so they could cope with the scheme.


Achieving a warmer and more energy efficient home will not happen in an instant though.


Hold on Just A Second


Although the Green Deal is already open to the public, we still have to wait a couple of months before we start to see any renovations happening. According to the Government, installation of new double glazed windows, solar panels, wall insulation, and boilers will only start to happen on January 2013.


Right now, we can only sign up for the scheme and have to wait for next year to actually feel the benefits. I guess we can’t have new insulation by this winter if we do not have enough personal funds to invest on them.


If you already signed up for the Green Deal, you have to wait until 28 January for home improvements to take place and for loans to be approved. But at least you already know when you get your new double glazed windows or heating system. Take note that no one is required to take the Green Deal.


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