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Five Ways You Can Increase Your Property’s Value


Having a home is definitely the best investment any person can make. And in the current economy, it is always best to make sure that homeowners can secure a good price for their property. Anyone can increase their home’s value with a little time and investment. To round out, here are the five best ways homeowners can increase their property’s value:


Property value can increase dramatically with simple home improvements.


Extend the property


This is ideal for houses with spacious lots around their homes.  One way of achieving this is by adding a conservatory. Conservatories not only add space to the home’s total floor area, it can also improve the look of most homes.  Conservatories can be a great feature to include in extending the entryway, adding natural lighting to living and cooking/dining spaces, and bringing in the outdoors to any abode.


Take into consideration the house’s design when selecting the type of conservatory to be added. Buyers can easily be put off with mismatched conservatory and home designs. It is advisable to work with a reputable double glazing company to get as much professional advice as necessary.  


Smarten the façade


A home that looks welcoming and inviting can lure in the right buyers (and even home admirers), so it is always important to take note of how a house looks from the outside.  Take a moment to view the property from the curb and make a list of what needs freshening up. 


Consider giving the door a new lick of paint and replacement handles.  Windows can benefit from a fresh topcoat. Fences can also be cleaned or repainted to give the property an inviting glow.


Let the light in


A well-lit home can spell the difference between a sale and a bust. It is always important to create lighting that highlights the best features of the home, but also to take advantage of natural lighting to make any dwelling pleasing to the buyer’s eye.


Begin by choosing light and neutral shades as wall colour.  This spreads light evenly and efficiently throughout the room.  Think about home upgrades that bring in the most natural light in. Consider glass panels on doors or getting bay windows. These improvements can also increase your home’s energy efficiency.


Be beautiful on the outside too


For homes with spacious front lots, this is the perfect opportunity to beautify and increase its value at the same time.  If selling is to be done during the summer months, a well-kept garden can easily lure ready buyers. Keeping it clean and removing clutter can also be a great start.


Decks and patios on outside spaces can also be great for adding functional features for the home.  Patios are perfect for entertaining as well as a perfect complement to an amazing garden.


Go Green


With the government’s initiative to move homeowners into creating green homes, most buyers nowadays tend to look for houses that answer this call.  Making your home green can give several benefits including access to home upgrades paid via electricity bills, reduced utility costs and possibly creating energy (via installed solar panels).


Discussing green upgrades for homes begin by talking to a vetted property assessment professional. They can provide information on improvements that can be done and how much savings can be made. Energy efficient homes are currently benefitting from upgrades made such as double glazing installation, draught exclusion and insulation.  


These simple steps are just some of the ideas one can use to improve a property’s value.  There are hundreds of suppliers across UK who can help out. Window Info has access to these partners and can provide you with three quotes. Use our window designer or fill out ourquick quote form today and enjoy a great looking home that can easily sell on the market.


Via Property Wire

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