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Double Glazing VS Triple Glazing: Which is Better?

There’s a new kind of window in town and it’s supposedly a lot better than double glazed windows – introducing the triple glazed windows. As with double glazing, the triple glazed windows have three panes instead of two which is said to amplify the effects of a double glazed window. This is essential beneficial for homes with extreme cold weathers such as Scandinavia.


Check out this heat map image comparing double glazing and triple glazed windows.



With this image, you can see that triple glazing clearly outweighs the heating insulation capacity of double glazed windows but is it really necessary and even, practical, for a typical homeowner to have triple glazed windows?


It’s a common topic among many people debating whether it is worth it to have triple glazed windows instead of double glazing because of the price. Apart from having an additional glass pane, you also have to pay for additional frame insulation, and replace the argon gas, typically used as added insulation of double glazed, to krypton.


Typically, triple glazed windows would cost 30 to 50% more of the price of regular double glazed windows. Is it really a worthy investment? But let us see if the benefits can offset the costs of having triple glazed windows. Some of the benefits of triple glazed windows are:


·         Conserve about 85 – 90% more energy thus resulting to reduced energy bills

·         Get windows with a U-value of 0.8

·         Soundproof your home

·         Enhanced home security thanks to the number of glass panes in the window

·         Increased property value


In terms of performance such as energy efficiency, soundproofing, and home security, there is no bought that triple glazed windows are better than double glazed windows. However, if you are on a tight budget, double glazed windows maybe a better option that triple glazing.


These days, being practical about your spending are an essential skill to prevent over spending and to get things done. Do if you can’t afford triple glazing, opt for other heat retention products such as curtains and blinds to improve the energy efficiency of your windows instead of obsessing over U-values and the number of glazing you have on your window.

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