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Double Glazing and Other Ways You Can Reduce Energy Costs


2016 is fast approaching, as this is the government’s deadline for homeowners to achieve a home that’s green and energy efficient.  You can comply with the government’s drive if you fit improvements that turn your home into an energy-saving abode.  Nottingham Post offers the following tips to achieve this:



Install double glazed windows


Double glazed windows reduce a home’s heat loss by 50%. Double glazing also can help improve your home’s look, therefore increasing its value. There are hundreds of companies across the UK that offers cost-efficient, effective and reliable installation. Try a comparison services found online. is one such website that allows user to receive up to three quotes from trustworthy companies in your area. Look for a provider that fits your budget but be sure to know their installation practices by getting referrals.


Be wise with heating


Household heating is one of the main areas where owners tend to overspend on fuel especially during winter.  Start by choosing energy-efficient boilers that feature the “Energy Saving Trust Recommended” label. 20-year-old boilers should be replaced immediately. Turning your thermostat down even by one degree can help save a lot. If it gets chilly, just layer on more clothing. 


Insulation helps in keeping warmth in your home. You can install loft insulation yourself. Wall insulation might need professional help. If you own a cellar or basement, underfoot insulation is important as well.


Consider renewable energy


Carbon emissions are at an alarming rate today.  The call for renewable energy is fast becoming louder and UK homes now have access to technology designed to produce their own energy at reasonable costs.  Solar power is at the forefront of these technologies and solar water heating is a good example. You will need to invest in solar panels but the long-term gains are greater.  Government grants are provided to households seeking to produce their own energy.  You can instantly reduce fuel costs by up to 40%.


Government Support


To support its bid for a greener country, the government has several schemes in place to support households wanting to install energy-saving improvements. The Green Deal is the most recent initiative and supports double glazing.

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