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Double Glazing and Home Insulation Vital This Winter

Having a warm home this winter season is crucial to having a happy Christmas. Apart from the gifts and the feasts you’ll be going to, it’s important to always have a warm home to go home to. But this year, many homeowners may not have the luxury of having a completely warm home.



According to a survey conducted by Consumer Focus, nearly four out of 10 homes are worried about the possible energy bills they will have this winter. Also, almost 6 million of families across England are planning on cutting back on heating expenses. That is around 70 per cent.


Importance of Having a Warm Home


Homes are meant to be a safe and happy place but without heat or proper insulation in an old house, it may not be possible. People living in a slightly colder place could change their outlook in like and psychologically affect them. This is especially true for children.


According to Rachel Monaghan of the National Children’s Bureau, children who grow up “in a cold and damp home can have a real effect on children’s health, learning and enjoyment of life.” Also, it can give residents health problems.


Heat for Homes


Heat for your home can be achieved through insulation. Insulation can be done in different ways. It can be through the installation of new double glazed windows, wall and roof insulation, and boilers. The government already has many schemes to help people in various parts of the UK to obtain enough heating for their homes. However, not everyone is accepted in this scheme.


Check out the Warm Front Scheme of the Government. Check if you are eligible for the scheme by visiting the Government’s website. Another scheme you should consider is the Green Deal, which will be launched in October. This will become UK’s number 1 scheme for improved home energy efficiency that allows homeowners to have free double glazing, boilers, and other insulation without any upfront costs.


You can have both a warm home and a good, comfortable winter when you try applying for one of these two schemes. Whether you pick double glazing, boilers, loft insulation, or cavity wall insulation, you have the power to have them by this winter through the Government’s help. 

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