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Double Glazed Windows Through The Green Deal Could Cost 16,000 Jobs


Without any upfront costs, you might get new double glazed windows and other energy efficient upgrades for your home. But what you might not know is that those new double glazed uPVC windows might cost some 16,000 people’s jobs.


Over the next year, more that 16,000 jobs might be jeopardized if the government does not implement changes or revisions to their flagship green energy scheme. A coalition of insulation companies, which represented almost 70 percent of the entire insulation industry, warned the Government through an open letter.



With this big number of people who might lose their jobs, the insulating industry will hard a hard fall in the next coming year. Moreover, the cavity wall insulation market might completely be demolished by the 2013 if the Green Deal is not amended.


Insulation Companies Support Green Deal


Despite their warning, these companies are still in support of the success of the Green Deal, which it’s main objective is to transform the country into an energy efficient nation while allowing residents and businesses energy efficiency and heating measures affordable.


As stated in their open letter:


“We are supportive of the Green Deal and ECO, which we want to succeed. We are therefore calling on the Government to recognise the real threat to thousands of jobs in our industry, and work with us immediately to develop a set of measures to address the insulation gap and implement a suitable solution.”


The fact that something like this came out makes the public lose their confidence in the Green Deal. If having new double glazed windows or wall cavity insulation would cost the jobs of thousands of people, would you still try the scheme?


Energy efficiency is the main objective of the Green Deal however there are a lot of problems in it that could crumble the industry. It has been called a disaster waiting to happen and even “undercooked,” according to the owner of Eco Environments, David Hunt.


Cooperation from both sides of the problem could help find solutions for all the problems. I hope the Government listens to the advice of experts of the industry.

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