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Double Glazed Windows: A Top Item For Energy Efficiency


So you already insulated your walls, installed under floor heating, and even added insulation to your ceilings but do you think it’s enough? If you are aiming to have an energy efficiency home as soon as possible, there is one home improvement option you shouldn’t forget and that is double glazed windows.



Studies have shown that windows can let 30-35% of heat escape in an uninsulated home. Imagine the amount of energy you’d be using just to heat up your living room. Imagine the high fuel bills you are bound to pay at the end of every month. Insulation is one of the fastest ways to resolve this and if you already have insulated other parts of your home, don’t forget the windows.


How Does Double Glazed Windows Affect Insulation


Double glazed windows are made with two panes of glass with air in between them to help improve insulation. This way, it keeps the heat and cold you want inside your house, and keeps out the heat and cold you don’t want.


According to various studies, double glazed windows can reduce up to 15% of heat loss typical uninsulated homes lose. With these windows, you are able to save energy because you do not have to make your heater work hard. This is equivalent to lesser energy bills and savings.


Benefits of Double Glazed Windows


Now apart from energy efficiency, windows with double glazing are also known for its other benefits including sound proofing. These windows will not only insulate heat, but sound as well. Now you don’t have to be bothered by small noises from outside of your home. This is especially useful for bedrooms.


To sum it all up, there are 5 main benefits of double glazed windows.


·         Energy efficiency

·         Reduced carbon emissions

·         Savings

·         Reduced energy bills

·         Better, stronger, more beautiful windows


Now if you are interested in having all of these benefits, there are some things you need to consider in for your new window.


·         It has to be double glazed filled with gasses such as krypton or argon for improved insulation

·         Coating materials such as metallic oxides are recommended because it can block out solar heat

·         Pick uPVC, wood, or fibreglass as your sash or frame material superior insulating performance

·         Have top quality weather stripping

·         Opt for professional installation do you can have the work guaranteed

·         Go for windows rated C or above

·         The windows should be approved by FENSA and other organisations to assure quality

·         Tilt-in sashes as perfect for easy cleaning from the inside of your home


Although these double glazed windows cost more than the usual window, you will be able to recoup the initial investment you have made through the savings you will throughout the lifetime of your windows. Through tax credit and utility savings, you should get around 25% back.

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