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Deal With Windows Condensation the Right Way


Winter is coming and it’s about time to get yourself concerned with the common problem residents encounter when the season is right around the corner – condensation.


What is condensation?


When you start to see water droplets forming on the surface of your windows, you’ll know that you have window condensation problems. Condensation happens when water vapour or humid air comes in contact with a cold surface, in your home’s case, the glass of your windows.


Too much condensation in your home will not only make your windows foggy, it will also cause damages to your home. One sign on excessive condensation in your home is chipped or cracked paint.


How to get rid of condensation?


Condensation involves a lot of factors for it to happen. So to solve it, you must get down to the root cause of the problem. You have to check your windows. Signs that your windows are not in their best conditions to prevent condensation are:


·         Chipped or peeling paint

·         Gaps between the glass and the window frame

·         Loose window seals

·         And cracked window glass


Here are a few quick solutions you have to try to solve the condensation problem:


·         Adjust the temperature of your humidifier. This is a basic solution to condensation. As the temperature of your home goes down, lower your humidifier as well.


·         Install exhausts in certain rooms in your home. Install an exhaust in areas that have high amounts of moisture and heat such as your bathrooms, kitchen, and laundry area. Without heat and moisture, you can reduce the condensation.


·         Keep your home ventilated by opening your windows and doors. This will allow the dry air to go inside your home and push the moist air out.


·         If you have a fireplace, open the vents to let the moist air escape.


But if your windows still show signs of condensation, plus you are using single glazed windows, then you should consider replacing your old windows with double glazed windows. Having a new set of double glazing in your home will help you solve the condensation problem completely since these types of windows are designed to battle condensation.


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