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Common Types of Windows in Homes


From a simple whole on the wall in the homes of the ancient man, windows have evolved beautifully. They can be made in different styles that offer various features but with one thing in mind – to offer a natural way for light and fresh air to enter your house.


If you are planning to have your old windows replaced or are having a completely new home and are in the planning stages, looking for window inspiration couldn’t be easier. You can simply look through home improvement magazines and even observe the windows in your neighbourhood. But to have a basic understanding of the types of windows is even better since you will know its general way of operation and purpose.


So here is a short list of common windows for homes from MSN Real Estate.


Casement windows



Casement windows are probably the most common windows. You can open and close this through a push and pull motion with the handle on the left or ride side of the frame. This kind of window offers great ventilation however placing this near a walkway might not be the best place for it since you have to swing it out to open.


Sash or Double-hung windows



Sash windows have two sashes that can slide up and down to open and close. It is the most common window style here in the UK and is considered a heritage. A variation of the sash window is when you can tilt the model inwards so you can clean the panes from the inside. However, the horizontal railing of the window can obstruct your view of the outdoors.


Fixed windows



Fixed windows are great when you have a view which you don’t want to get any obstructions. It can come in different shapes and sized and offers zero drafts. They are suitable in high and dark places such as a stairwell to keep the area lit during the day. Expect to receive no ventilation from fixed windows.


Awning windows



Do you want a window on top of a wall to let hot air escape? Then awning windows may just be what you are looking for. These windows have one pane hinged at the top so it can be opened by pushing it outwards. The window creates a slope so it could still be open even when it is raining. These are typically small in size. A great addition to conservatories.


Gliding windows



Gliding windows are pretty much like patio doors but a small version. You can open the panels by sliding the glass panes from left to right. A fixed screen can be added with these kinds of windows. In the event of an emergency or evacuation, gliding windows can help people escape because of its big size.


Modern windows are just fitted with a glass and a frame to hold it, but are also equipped with energy efficiency features to improve the heat insulation of the home such as double glazing. Don’t just go for the single glazed windows styles; always opt for double glazed windows in these different styles for better energy efficiency and safety.


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