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Cheap uPVC Patio Doors and Double Glazing: It’s Role in Green Deal

"Having cheap uPVC patio doors and double glazing installed in your home today can cost you quite a large sum of money. Because of this, the Government has created the Green Deal project, which is set to help residents acquire high performance materials for installation without upfront costs.


What the Green Deal Can Offer


In a speech given by Greg Baker during the British Property Federation’s (BPR) Annual Residential Conference last 29 February 2012, he said that the Coalition has pledged to be the Greenest Government ever and to achieve this; they decided to concentrate on energy efficiency.


He further explained that, “It is our way of helping homeowners, landlords and tenants get home improvements like loft insulation, boilers and double glazing at no upfront cost.”


He gave three points of what the Green Deal is all about and what it has to offer:


“Firstly, this is a new way of approaching energy efficiency. Secondly, it will create a brand new market. Thirdly, the power of communities will be at the heart of delivering this agenda.”


Moreover, he also added that the Green Deal will help tackle current challenges experienced by citizens such as the rising energy costs and terribly insulated buildings in the UK.


“It is a win-win-win scenario: reduce emissions, save money and create opportunities for business,” Baker said.


Customer Confidence on Double Glazing Products and Companies


Apart from the Green Deal’s purpose of proving homeowners with access to double glazing installations without any upfront costs, it also, in effect, gives customers enough confidence with the products and installers who will perform the fitting.


Various companies such as the NSG Group – manufacturer of the Pilkington glass are offering their support for the Green Deal to ensure the success of the scheme and that customers are getting the right energy efficiency measures being recommend to them.


Earlier this month, a man who posed as a double glazing agent stole cheques from an 85 year old man in Binley. The victim let the man inside his house since he showed identification. After talking about windows, the rogue trader asked to use the toilet but instead, searched the bedrooms for cheques of the man. It was a good thing the elderly man was able to discover what happened and immediately contacted his bank. The man was later found nearby.


Acts such as these could be stopped once the Green Deal commences. Managing Director, David Pinder, of Pilkington Building Products UK & South Europe says that a robust assessment and accreditation procedure is needed for Green Deal assessors. They are willing to provide products and materials needing for the training, and provide information about the benefits of cheap uPVC patio doors and double glazing."

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