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BIOA Approval Given to The Glazing Ombudsman


Today, good news comes to the double glazing industry as the newly formed The Glazing Ombudsman (TGO) has been officially recognised by the governing body of Ombudsman schemes, British and Irish Ombudsman Association or also known as BIOA.


The TGO is a new comer in the industry that offers low cost, and independent services to double glazing installation companies all around the country to customers who use or hire the services of TGO members.


Before the approval of the TGO, the double glazing industry was not well regulated unlike insurance companies and mortgage brokers even though products need to be appropriate and compliant with building regulations. This is just one of the reasons why the government is not appointing a mandatory Ombudsman for the industry.


Despite that, it means that there are business opportunities waiting to happen – Ombudsman services. This particular service requires that it be composed of members not affiliated with companies and people in the industry so that the Ombudsman would be free from dictations from members on how to address a case. This will give customers a peace of mind that they can get justice once they pass their case to the Ombudsman.


Together with the first Ombudsman organisation, DGCOS, they are planning to help customers feel protected. DGCOS has Nick Ross as one of their consumers and he helped raise the awareness within the country.


TGO, on the other hand, is supported by many major uPVC double glazing companies. Hopefully, homeowners and customers will be able to hear the side and views of an Ombudsman in the hopes of having a fair trial.


Before hiring a company, they must first make sure that their chosen companies are members of these two organisations to ensure their protection. You can do this by simply researching about the using Google on the Internet.

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