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Are There Really Any Good Double Glazing Companies?


With external factors, such as Government incentives, global warming, and increasing energy prices, pushing a lot of UK residents to become more energy efficient, it is not difficult to see why double glazed windows are becoming an option. uPVC double glazing has gained a lot of popularity over the recent years and its appeal is not going to sink just yet.


When considering the opportunity of having your windows and doors replaced with uPVC double glazing, you need to find a reliable, professional, and experienced company to carry out the work. Partnering with such a company for your home improvement project will not only get the job done right but you will also gain knowledge on how double glazing works and its effects to your home.


A study


According to a satisfaction survey conducted by, a majority of its participants hired more small or independent double glazing companies as compared to hiring big brands for their home improvement project. With a total number of 2,562 participants, stated that all of them have had experience hiring small or independents firms as well as big brands. One participant stated, "Local firms rely on word of mouth for their reputation and in a small town they cannot afford to let this slip."


Apart from that, the survey showed that small double glazing firms are able to offer affordable prices compared to big brand companies. This is a useful tip to remember when looking for double glazing companies.


Finding a Good Double Glazing Company


With a lot of available companies, it can be confusing where to start. Your yellow pages may no longer be enough to give you all the available options. One good option is to use the Internet to search for uPVC companies.


There are many things you have to check with an uPVC double glazing company. How long have they been working in the industry, what are their offers, do they have guarantees, and what are their sample works. These are just sample questions you can ask them to help you identify whether they are capable of helping you.


Moreover, it would be an advantage for them if they are a part of an independent or paid trading organisation such as GGF, FMB, BPF, EBC, and many others. Ask about their quality standards such as BS 5750 and BBA certification. With regards to product standards, make sure to check out BSI, BBA, and FENSA Document L.


Always compare companies and ask for customer reviews to know how they really performed. Good contractors become well known due to word of mouth from other customers so do not be easily persuaded by companies seen on TV.


So is there really a good double glazing company? Although the road to finding a good, experienced, honest, and professional double glazing company can be challenging, yes, you can find such companies. You just have to look hard using available resources around you.

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