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A World Without Double Glazed Windows


Imagine a life without double glazed windows. Double glazing can be considered as one of the most essential home improvement measurements because of the benefits it can provide homeowners. These windows can improve the energy efficiency of a home, strengthen security, soundproof outdoor noises from entering, and improve a home’s value.



Double glazed windows are able to decrease the need for boilers to work hard during the winter months because it keeps heat inside a property and prevents it from slipping out. It’s an invaluable addition that even the government is encouraging homeowners to have. With all the benefits these windows are giving, can you imagine a world without them?


And what kind of world could that possibly be? Well, it would probably be a cold and foggy world. If double glazed windows were not invented, people like you would probably be still settling and struggling with single glazed windows. This is the type of window that many have grown up with. With a single pane of glass the separates the inside from the outside of a home, building, commercial establishment, or any form a structure, the window would probably be vulnerable to many things.


Increased breakage


How many times have you seen a window shatter into pieces once hit by a baseball? How many times have you experienced replacing cracked window panes which weren’t even there before? Single glazed windows are easily damaged. The thin layer of glass that acts as your home’s barrier to the outside world can snap with just the right amount of force. Not only will you pay for constant replacement, but the safety of you and your family could be compromised.


Foggy windows


Foggy windows were probably a lot of fun when you were a kid but as you grew older, it can give you nothing more than a headache. Foggy windows are an evident sign of window condensation and poor energy efficiency. If you don’t want to see your children playing with your condensed windows, then double glazed windows might be just what you need.


Low energy efficiency


Without double glazed windows, you are simply letting the heat created by your boilers or central heating system slip out through your single glazed windows. Not only will you have low energy efficiency, but even higher energy bills. That is a lot more painful in the pocket since you’ll be suffering by it for the long term.


Outside noise moving inside


Do you hear the rustling of the trees, the howls of the wind, or even the chirps of birds even with the closed windows in your bedroom? If these are all you hear, that might still be tolerable but if you hear airplanes and construction sounds through your windows, then it might be time to replace them with double glazing. Glazed windows can help soundproof outside noises and prevent them from entering your home.


A world without double glazing glazed windows would mean a colder, noisier, foggier, and pricier world. If you are interested in changing your home’s environment through double glazed windows, you can use our free quotation service to receive as much as three quotes from companies within your area.


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