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7 Ways to A Sparkling Window


Window cleaning is everyone’s least favorite household chore. Luckily, Reader’s Digest offers seven great solutions to make your window sparkle and cleaning it less of a bore:


Using a squeegee to clean your window is a great idea -


1. Arm yourself with a squeegee

Leaving streaks on a window after working hard to clean it can dishearten any homeowner. Take a cue from professional window washers – get a squeegee with a soft rubber tip. If pressed for budget, good-old-fashioned crumpled black and white newspapers will work just fine. 


Add a small amount of dishwashing liquid to a small bucket of water - the fewer suds, the fewer streaks. Wash the window using the dishwashing liquid mixture then use the squeegee to remove the watery suds. Start at the top corners and skim towards the bottom. Avoid washing your windows in direct sunlight as quickly dried glass is more prone to streaking.


2. Keep dust of blinds

Antistatic sprays can help prevent dust from piling on your blinds. Apply antistatic spray on window blinds right after cleaning them.


3. Fend mildew off window frames

A bleach-detergent solution is ideal for cleaning window frames. Wooden frames can be mildew free by using a solution consisting of 60 millilitres household bleach and 30 millilitres of laundry detergent in four cups of water.  To clean, protect hands first using gloves then apply the solution to affected window areas using a sponge. Wait 10 minutes then rinse thoroughly with clean water.


4. Use floor wax on windowsills

A coat of clear floor wax can keep your windowsills looking clean. Windowsills outside can collect a considerable amount of dust. Keep it off by applying a coat of clear floor wax.


5. Wash or dust shades

Shades should be cleaned regularly. Use soft cloth, duster or your vacuum with the dusting brush attached and dust both sides. Serious stains on shades mean it’s time to wash. Vinyl shades can be cleaned using a solution of ¼ cup vinegar and 1 litre of warm water. Cloth shades can be washed, just make sure to read care instructions.


6. Check your heating and cooling system’s filter

If you see dust gathering on your inside window’s surface very fast, consider cleaning your furnace or air conditioning system’s filter.  Dust, pollen and other particles get easily trapped inside airtight modern homes. If you hold your filter against the light and can’t see light pass though, it’s time to replace or clean filters.


7. Second hand smoke affects windows too

Smoker’s windows can collect nicotine film or other filth. A solution consisting of 1-cup lemon-scented ammonia with 9.5 litres of water can remove the grime and the lemon scent makes your room more inviting.


Do you have other window cleaning ideas? Share with us your tips and tricks.


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