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5 Organic Cleaners for Your uPVC Windows


Are you tired of using chemical cleaners that hurt your eyes or sting? Have you grown weary of using chemical based cleaners that are expensive and require a lot of product just to clean a small spot in your window? If you answered yes to both of these questions, then it might be a nice idea for you to return back to nature by using organic cleaners for your uPVC windows.


Using organic uPVC window cleaners for your home offers a lot of benefits that many homeowners such as you would be happy to try. Not only are organic cleaners affordable, safe, and highly effective, they are easy to produce since the ingredients would most likely be already there in your kitchen.


To help you create the perfect organic cleaner for your uPVC windows, here are 5 organic cleaner recipes you can try.


Recipe #1: Combine all the ingredients listed below in a container. Make sure that the solution is mixed completely.


2 cups of 70% isopropyl alcohol
1 tsp dish detergent
½ cup or ammonia
top with water until you have 1 gallon of mixture


Recipe #2:


½ cup of white distilled vinegar
1 gallon warm water


Recipe #3: 


1 gallon water
¼ cup vinegar
1 tsp of liquid dish soap


Recipe #4: For this recipe, you can squirt a liberal amount of liquid dishwashing soap.


1 gallon water
¼ cup of vinegar
2 TBS lemon juice
dish detergent


Recipe #5: This recipe will require you to completely dissolve the cornstarch. It is preferred that you use 100% soda however; you can also have it mixed with some water.


3 TBS freshly squeezed lemon juice
2 cups of club soda
1 tsp of cornstarch


An additional tip to remember when cleaning your window is that you should use a spray to apply the solution to your windows. Use a soft cloth to clean it and as much as possible, you should avoid cleaning while the sun is directly hitting the windows or when the sun is shining because it can create streaks. You can use newspaper to dry the uPVC windows.

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