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4 Things You Lose with Single Glazed Windows


Every home once has single glazed windows. There was a time when it was the newest innovation in home building and having these kinds of windows provided enough and adequate protection from the cold and heat of the changing seasons.


Today however, they can no longer give the right amount of protection needed to make homes comfortable and liveable. This has made it essential for a new kind of window to emerge in the home building industry – double glazed windows.


But it is not that easy to adopt this new technology. The present economic situation of many families make it a challenge for them to switch from single to double glazed windows. But keeping old single glazed windows may actually make you lose a lot more than buying replacement windows.


To help you understand the importance of having new double glazed windows, here are the 4 things you actually lose with single glazed windows.


1.     Heat and energy – Heat is an important factor of your home that makes it comfortable to live in. It can be produced in your home through your central heating systems or even through the rays of the sun reaching your windows. If your windows aren’t double glazed, then you can expect the heat to simple slip through your windows. That is because they do not have enough insulating features to prevent heat and energy from going out of your home. Double glazed windows can easily solve this problem.


2.     Money – Keeping your single glazing windows can actually make you spend more money for heating and fuel. Moreover, maintenance problems such as condensation from single glazed windows can cost you more. But if you have double glazed windows in your home, you will no longer require your heating system to work very hard because the heat of your home is stabilized and kept inside your home. Investing on double glazed windows for your home can also give you other benefits.


3.     Added home value – Improving the windows of your home will not only help you keep heat inside and help save you money, it will also improve the current value of your home. In case you need to sell your home in the future, you will be comforted with the thought of your double glazed windows increasing the value of your current home. This way, you will have a sure return on your investment.


4.     House appeal – Whether you plan to stay in your home for many decades to come or sell it in the near future, you can ensure that your home looks fresh, new, and beautiful with double glazed windows. Your single glazed windows will only make your home look out-dated and not energy efficient, something many homebuyers are concerned about when looking for a new home.


But before you even have double glazing installed in your home, make sure you get planning permission (if needed) and a lot of double glazing quotes from reliable companies.

Stop losing these 4 things in your home with double glazed windows. Try them today.

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