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3 Ways to Insulate Your Windows


Snow is pretty much everywhere in the UK and sometimes, it’s difficult to move at all because of the extreme cold, even when you’re already inside your home. Take a good look around your home and find the root to this extreme cold by starting off with your windows.


Windows are known to let almost 50% of heat inside your home out. It is not a good move to keep them after winter is over. But since you are already in dire need of insulation, we have listed here a few things that can help you improve your windows’ current performance.


Insulating your drafty window won’t mean replacing them anymore (well, for the mean time that is.) We here are at, we will give you three ways to insulate your window without actually replacing them and paying for huge amounts of money on such a short notice. Try these quick solutions at any time of the day!


1. Window insulation film



This is one of the easiest ways to insulate your window. These can commonly bought in hardware stores and one company that produces these is 3M. These kits include a plastic shrink film with double-stick tape on its opposite side. You apply the film on the indoor window frame and use a hair dryer to shrink the film. It is a cheap option and effective too. The only downside to this is the difficulty in removing the film. Sometime, the paint comes off with the film and there is sticky residue. It also gives a cloudy look to windows.


2. Rubber weather sealing



Go to your nearest hardware store to buy your own strips of self-stick rubber weather sealing. Cut the strips to size and stick it to any gaps that may allow the cold draughts to enter your home. You can choose this option if you are looking for solutions that won’t highly alter the look of your window and at the same time, cheap. But as with the film, it can also damage the area where it was applied to.


3. Draft snakes



This is one DIY solution that decorates your windows as well. These draft snakes sewn pieces of fabric that can prevent draughts coming in through the window sill. You can make one by sewing your tube of fabric and filling it in with rice. This is probably the cheapest solution to your draft problems but this might not completely solve the problem as it only insulates the sills, and not the glass or frame of the window.


Apart from these three, you can also try to layer the curtains of your windows and even have solar blinds installed. After these short term remedies, it is probably time for you to invest on a permanent solution that could save you more money and hassles. Get your own double glazed windows to help conserve energy and keep your home warm and soundproof throughout the rest of the year.

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