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3 Easy Ways to Improving Double Glazed Window Security


If we imagine your home as a military barracks camp. What vital parts of it would you secure? Apart from the structure itself, you also need to check the durability and security of your entrances and weak points so no intruders can take advantage of it. These entrances could be your front and back doors while the weak points of your home could be the windows.



Windows are vulnerable home structures that must be secured at all times. Many burglars use windows to infiltrate a home because they are easy to break in. A huge part of it is made from glass so simply breaking it would create a way for them to enter. Also, some windows are often left broken which is another reason for your home exposure.


So if you think your windows need a little attention in terms of its security, then it may be time for you to consider upgrading them. Here at, we have written three easy ways for you to improve the security and strength of your windows. You can try them by yourself or have a professional do these upgrades for you.


1.       Use tempered or toughened glass


Tempered or toughened glass is a kind of glass commonly used for double glazing. This is three to four times stronger than regular float glass. Another thing that makes this kind of glass special is how it breaks into small pieces called “dices” when broken. Unlike regular glass that creates sharp shards of glass when broken, tempered glass breaks into small and harmless pieces.


If your double glazed windows only have regular float glass, would you consider replacing them with tempered glass? Replacing the float glass, which is often broken by intruders as a way of entry through windows, with tempered glass can instantly create a safer home for you and your family.


2.       Apply protective film on the glass


If you think that replacing the glass of all your windows is too much on the budget, time, and effort, then you can consider this second way of improving the strength of your glass – security and safety films. These safety and security films look like think sheets of plastic you can stick on the surface of your double glazing window’s glass to create another layer.


This helps toughen your glass without replacing them and keeps it intact even when it gets broken. There are many companies offering this type of windows and glass protective film which you can buy at hardware stores and on the Internet.


3.       Go for multi point locking systems

If you think the locking system on your windows are not enough, then try having them replacing with a multipoint locking system. uPVC windows can usually have multiple number of locks along the length of the frame. Because of the many locks, breaking a single lock will not be enough. The integrity of the window and its frame will be upheld.


Window security is something one should never forget so if you think you need new double glazed windows with these security improvements, you may contact us for a free quote.

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