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3 Best Ways to Take Care of Your Double Glazed Windows


Taking care of home windows is something many homeowners often forget. Whether it is because of time constraints or due to the fact they are hardly noticed in a home, windows should not be forgotten when it comes to cleaning the house. Every part of it should be well taken care of. If you think that your windows need a bit of love and care, then here are three tips that could help you clean and care for your windows.



Here at, we offer you these tips from the experts and companies on how you can clean your windows and take care of them. Make them last for a long time especially when you have double glazed windows. Follow these tips and try them on your own windows.


1. Use a gentle soap, warm water, and a soft cloth


You do not have to use a tough detergent soap and a scrub that might even create marks to clean your windows. No matter how dirty they look, you might actually only need warm water with soap to help dissolve the dirt and a cloth to help further clean the windows. Wipe in circular motions because it can clean a lot better. Do this in all your windows and wash them down with water afterwards. Don’t forget to clean the window sill.


2. Vinegar is a great tool for heavy stains


If you think rain has done major damages that simply cannot be remedied with just soap and water, you can add vinegar to the mixture. Not only will it help remove and dissolve stains on your window glass, it will also disinfect it without being too harsh on your uPVC frames window.


3. Check them for leaks and cracks


After cleaning your windows, it would be best to have them checked for any cracks and possible leaks. Your window will have reduced energy efficiency and increase heat loss once a leak or crack is found. If you do find a crack, you might start experiencing condensation problems. Prevent this from happening through early detection and cure. Have them fixed by professionals to be sure.


Double glazed windows are known for their great energy efficiency and capacity to reduce heat loss for any home. Because of this, they are highly preferred by the Government and are now being offered as an option included in the Green Deal.


Double glazing is generally offered with a guarantee but despite that, they should still be maintained. Its low maintenance feature does not assure that you could leave it out without any care. Keep these things in mind when cleaning your windows.

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