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3 Benefits of Double Glazed Exterior Doors For Homes

Every home needs to have ample protection from harsh weather conditions and human disturbances. This could be achieved by having strong walls, a durable roof, strong doors and windows. All of these parts of your home are constantly under the mercy of the weather and having them in poor condition can cost you and create damages in your home – including your exterior doors.


Exterior doors are the first thing people enter in to get inside your home. Make sure it is strong, durable, long lasting, and resistant against weather damages by replacing it with double glazed exterior doors. Whether it is your front door, French door, or even a patio door, you can have them made with double glazing.


Basics of double glazing


According to Wikipedia, “Insulated glazing (IG) also known as double glazing are double or triple glass window panes separated by an air or other gas filled space to reduce heat transfer across a part of the building envelope.”


With double glazing, you no longer have to worry about losing more than 25% of heat that is lost because of single-glazed windows and doors. Apart from that, double glazing helps reduce the carbon emission of your home, helping the planet a ‘bit’ in preventing the worsening condition of global warming. Read on to find out the three benefits of replacing your old doors with double glazed exterior doors.


3 Benefits of Double Glazed Exterior Doors


1. Improve the look of your home


With double glazing, you are given a wide array of available options when it comes to design.  Modern double glazed external doors have various textures and colours such as hardwood effect which make it look like the real thing.


Thanks to this, you do not have to worry about finding a door that will create harmony with the theme or design of the rest of your home.


2. Better energy efficient at your home


People who have already installed double glazing in their homes would agree that they have reduced energy bills. Double glazing will help stabilise the temperature of your home and thus keep you warm during cold winters, and cool during warm summers. Double glazed exterior doors will cut the use of air conditioners or heating systems.


3. Soundproof features


Another great benefit of having double glazed exterior doors is that they can improved sound insulation. If your door is insulated, you can expect to hear less noise coming from the outdoors and will have more private conversations in your home.


Considering these 3 benefits of double glazed exterior doors can persuade any homeowner on the replacing their old and worn out doors with it. Be sure to consult with your double glazing company for more information.

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